Technology and art built with Script2 and Kabuki Toolkit.

Innovative Embedded-C++11 core with Seam Tree Test Framework for firmware and software based on mbed, the Serial Chinese Room, Interprocess, and Telemetry (SCRIPT) Specification, and SCRIPT Script.

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A cross-platform Modern Embedded-C++11 IoT and Seam Tree Test Nanoframework and the source of the SCRIPT Specification.

Kabuki Toolkit

A cross-platform Modern Embedded-C++ Virtual Machine and Firmware-to-Software Development Kit (F2SDK) based on Script2.


An extendable set of tools for writing, editing, and publishing blogs, books, catalogs, and documents to various file formats and statically generated websites.

Contribute to Kabuki Starship!

We are always in need of new contributors. If you would like to sign up as a contributor, just make a pull request for an issue in the Kabuki Toolkit git repository.

Single Cross-platform Library

With Google ANGLE, Cairo, PortAudio, and Visual Studio you can write one GUI and audio library for apps, games and plugins that runs on Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android!

Completely Free Software

All of Kabuki Starship APIs are licensed under the Apache 2.0, BSD, MIT, and similar open-source software licenses, which is free to use for closed-source commercial purposes.

Virtual Control Technology

Kabuki Starship is built completely around the Serial Chinese Room, Interprocess, and Telemetry (SCRIPT) Specification. SCRIPT Script (Script2 or Script2) allows for secure sophisticated mapping of controls and interprocess communication for the Internet of Things.

Make Robots!

With Kabuki Starship, you can make all kinds of robots, and control them with IoT apps!